Thursday, July 20, 2006

A little longer and Godspeed!

We heard that parents adopting from Guangdong Province will have to stay 5 days longer due to a procedural change there. Now they will have to have the final adoption certificate before applying for the baby's passport. I takes 5 days to get the certificate, then another 5 days to get the passport. This pushes the total stay to around 17 days in China for those parents. An annoyance, but 5 days is a pretty small thing when looking at the reward. But. so far it only applies to Guangdong province.

While on our recent trip to Illinois, we heard about a couple near Michael's hometown who are leaving for China this week. We are very jealous, but wish them well with the trip, and that everything is good with their child.

After several days of work, most of it by Kim, we are almost ready to get to work on Miaya's room. We've got most of it worked out in our heads, and a few sketches to work from. It should go pretty fast when we really get to it. After cleaning and reorganizing the loft, we can now clear the rest of the stuff out of her room. We're building in a closet, recovering and painting the walls, and a few other touches. Plus new windows! It'll be fun when we really get going.