Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miaya's Chicken Adventure

Miaya meets chickens for the first time.  Other than nuggets that is!  She was trying to scoop up one of them like she does her outside kittens at home -- probably not a good idea!

And, yes she made it in the house without dropping or breaking any of the eggs.  Not many chicken houses have curtains and cabinets.  And definitely the cleanest chicken house I've ever seen.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Little Blossom Among The Blooms

The forecast was for severe storms in or area, so Michael and Miaya went out to take some pictures of of Kim's flowers in case the storm was too hard on them.
Stargazer lilies - our wedding flowers.  This one stalk had over a dozen blooms!

Them is some tall lilies!


Our little blossom among the blooms.
You can also see our accidental sunflower patch - from bird seed the birds never found!

Some very prolific daylilies.  

It's a good year for Tiger Lilies, these came from Michael's great-aunt Deloris, and are always tall, but this is really exceptional.
The John Deere walking plow held Michael's father's mailbox for many years.
It was kind of a bad hair day for Miaya.

I'm done with pictures for today!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our little Ciara

Our little Miss Ciara is growing up! I think in my heart I have her in 6th grade, but unfortunately she has grown more than that and will be graduating next spring from Corning High School.

We are so proud to announce that her newest adventure resulted in 1st place in the Adams County Fair queen contest. The second runner up was from Prescott also and as Miaya calls her "My Jenny". Jenny as well as her sister Josie took care of Miaya when she went to daycare in Prescott. So it was almost a clean sweep for Prescott!

Our Salute to Kansas

We thought of our friends in Kansas today when we saw our sunflower plant bloom.. Mom tried to feed the birds this past winter and they had nothing to do with the sunflowers, so guess what SUNFLOWERS! Miss ya Gary, Sophie, and Miss Zia!