Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sorry about not posting more about Miaya, but with finishing up on the moving, and work, and etc, it has been a very busy few days here.

What more do we know? Well, she was found on the steps of the Middle School next door to the orphanage, and there was a slip of paper in her clothing that gave her birthdate. We have also seen the Chinese text of her Finding Advertisement that was published in the local newspaper, we also have the English translation. She is described as an active, outgoing baby, and in December she was beginning to crawl.

I cannot begin to truly describe the way I have been feeling now, relief is probably a big part of it.
Relief that we finally knew who our daughter was, relief that the endless uncertainty was behind us, and relief that we could begin to really live our lives again. Also, relief that we now had something to show that we really were doing this thing!

Friday, May 02, 2008

WE FOUND HER ! ! ! ! !

WE GOT OUR REFERRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jin Yu Zhu (Soon to be Miaya AnnaLyn Marie Fourez)

We were pretty sure it was coming, but thought it would be Monday. Apparently the courier service was extra efficient, and got here sooner.

Here are the early details:

Chinese Name: Jin Yu Zhu, (Last, first, middle names) (pronounced Jean You Shu)
Born: May 15, 2007
Weight: 17.5 pounds
Height: 26 inches
Living in: Guiping Social Welfare Institute (orphanage), Guangxi Province (Southern China)