Thursday, September 24, 2009

A couple of pictures of the fog across the valley from our place.  It was pretty much staying in the river valley, and beginning to dissipate as these pictures were taken.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Special Ones

Miaya is very lucky to have so many special people in her life. She is greatly endowed with many who love her so much. I can't believe how many people have touched our lives through out the world.
Miaya is into the rhyming song time. She kind of gets that from me. Our morning routine going to work each day is to do the "Banana fanana, fo fanana" song. She loves to words that end in "A" like Miaya...Lyla...Becca...Ciara.... or Zia. Lyla in particular is one of her favorites, which is kind of ironic, because she doesn't get to see her "northern" cousins much. I can still remember watching my nieces when they were small and now to see them holding my daughter and soaking in each hug Miaya gives brings back sweet memories.
Lyla, my oldest niece, recently sent some pictures of Miaya from our parents 50th . She also included an update about her little one (kitty) Toby,too. Boy put Toby and Miaya together what fun would that be.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here is a picture of Miaya and Nike from back in July.  As she as gotten older and shrieks less when talking to him, they are becoming good friends.  Yesterday morning, she was sittng on the floor by the cat/baby gate and had her lift tab book opened and "reading" to him. 

Daddy's Little Helper

Miaya fastens one of the posts for our new deck railing.  Not bad for a 2 year old!

Please excuse the low quality video, a cell phone can only do so much!