Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's the Meatball!

I often remember the commercial where the mother uses a little "hamster" ball to allow her child to play with other children without getting messy. Well in this house...not so much. Spaghetti night is come down to a clothes! Yes she is stripped down to her scivvies (spelling?) and allowed to chow down....because it is bath night tonight....Yes we do have a spaghetti ring around the tub but all is good! We just haven't figured out how we will ever be able to take her the Olive Gardens....I don't think clothing is optional! :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009


We just pased another landmark with Miaya, March 30 marked the ninth month since she was placed in our arms and we changed from a couple to a family. She has grown both in height and weight, mastered walking and running, and made our lives richer in so many ways. New words come almost daily, some clearer than others, but she is progressing well. She loves music, dances to the beat, and sings along in her own way.

The years we waited and hoped to be a family seemed to stretch forever, but the past nine months have more than made up for it. Coming home from work to see and hear that excited little face as I come through the door, and to see the smile on the face of the woman I love so much and the daughter we cherish is so much more than I had ever dreamed it would be.

At the daycare, they now have a baby of about 9 months or so, and Miaya has been great with him, taking his bottle to him, and sharing her toys. Her time at daycare has improved, as the group has been split up by age and she no longer has to deal with the older boys who tend to play a bit rough.