Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gotcha Day

Today is Miaya's second anniversary of her Gotcha Day. It's been 2 years since we were given the most precious gift we've ever been given. Miaya can still get in her orphanage outfit. We think maybe one more year of having it fit and then she may have to wear it as a hat! She's spending a little quality time with the little pig we sent to her in the orphanage. I shouldn't of wrote anything in this blog...because words can't express how much we love having her in our lives.  Miaya dear.....we love you!

Kitty Pile!

"Kitty Pile" was what I called the Fourez cats and kittens. Miaya loves to look out the patio door and yell "Kitty Pile" when she sees the whole family together. It in fact is the entire family mama, papa, and the 4 babies.  BTW anyone want a kitty! just can't wait!

Little Miss Miaya has her favorites. As she grown older they still remain. Ciara, her big sis (we call her..she's really her cousin) made this blanket for Miaya for her to cuddle with. It is a nightly ritual to ask her pink....or blue.  Ciara had double sided the blanket with a pink solid and blue teddy bear side. Her percentage tends to go towards blue...not sure why. So I asked her one day and she said, " So I can be in the clouds!" Too cute!
Favorites tend to be well loved and drug around the house. So a weekly washing is always inevitable.
But as she grows she does become more patient and not wait at the top of the stairs until Daddy brings them up from the basement. (washer and dryer in basement...trying to remedy that soon I hope!) But today she just couldn't wait!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

As mentioned before we had a whirlwind weekends with all the graduation, but I didn't mind at all heading north to go to my sweet Becca's graduation party. I took mom and dad up for the festivities and headed home later in the day. She had a great turn out and everything went great! I just can't believe she's old enough to head to Iowa State next year. I'm hoping she will have a great time and take some time to come down and visit us all down least she will be closer and will have cousin Rusty there just in case. Wow two McCarty's at Iowa State....go Cyclones! All our best Becca you will have an awesome time!

Take Time

Miaya's birthday came on the heels of graduation parties, commencements and anything else you want to throw in! So having everyone over on her birthday was not realistic. So we made sure to "take time" to have special moments. Janet Roberts used to be our secretary at Prescott and became a great friend that gave me words of wisdom during our long wait for Miaya. One of her gifts to us...not our soon to be adopted daughter was a tea set. She told us that we needed to practice having tea part and "take time" for special times. So with her words of wisdom still in my heart we had a picnic for Miaya on her birthday. I packed up her little panda backpack and went off to find daddy. We spread out Aunt Vesta's blanket on the ground and had choccie milk and princess cookies and just enjoyed..

Mother's Day

Yea I know ....your just now posting! Times are few to spend in front of computer lately, since I have been doing it all day for my job at school. But I had a real nice Mother's Day with Miaya's mama nift (Mama's gift) She made a tie dye shirt at her daycare with her little hands on the back. They look like little wings....just like the little angel she is (when she's asleep!) Mama was so proud of her! She is modeling for you! Naomi Campbell look out!

Does the blood run GREEN!

As a antique tractor widow (thank goodness I'm not a football lasts longer) my husband has always talked about owners of antique tractors and how their blood with run green, red, or prairie gold!  Well we do not take sides as little Miss Miaya now has a green tractor, too. Grandpa Fourez set aside money before he passed away for her "RED" pedal tractor and now she has a "GREEN" tractor! From Mama and Daddy we gave Miaya a battery operated John Deere tactor (as she says it). Her favorite thing....get this....picking up sticks and putting them in her wagon! Alright! With a home surround by hundreds of trees! YIIIIPPPEEEE!!!!

It has two speeds and we are keeping it in 1st gear as mama and papa can't keep up with her. She is an expert at rounding corners on two wheels and having her chase with the dog. But when Daddy has his John Deere out she is right beside him.  She will follow him through the timber and help Daddy. (Michael is very careful and watches her constantly...don't worry :) )


Miaya's Birthday

We have always thought there was a divine intervention when we were able to have Miaya in our family. But when we found out when her birthday was, we knew someone had a hand in this. She was born 100 years after my Grandpa Bailey. She was also born on the same day as her cousin Dwight...(wish they could celebrate together) I wish Grandpa knew grandparents have always been special to me. I still have memories come back to me when I smell Lava soap. I remember helping grandma Iris pack grandpa's lunchbox...thought that was so cool to have a lunchbox....we never carried our lunch to didn't have that experience. He would come in for an afternoon cup of coffee and I'd sit at the table and eat a snack with him...boy do I miss him. I was at their place shortly after my 16th birthday and he came over and said "hhhmmm 16 and never been kissed....and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek."  I know he sent Miaya to us.I believe all the loved ones I have lost have given special gifts to my daughter. I think the singing came from Grandma Bailey...she always sang with me... I think Grandpa Charlie gave her the love of animals...especially kitties! I think Grandma McCarty gave her the love of cooking..she is always wanting to help mama...I can still remember putting up hundreds of pie crust while standing right beside her. Thank you grandmas and grandpas....but which one of you gave her the "attitude"! I have a bone to pick with you! :)

Anyway, Miaya had a great time opening gifts and all the wonderful people who came to celebrate our little ones special day. Thanks to all!