Monday, August 30, 2010

Our little Ciara

Granted the child is way taller than me....she's still our little Ciara. In fact, we tend to confuse the names between Miaya and Ciara sometimes....boy Ciara gets into a lot of trouble at our house as much as her name is used! Kind of hard to be in trouble when you aren't even around! Anyway it was Ciara's birthday this weekend and we enjoyed a family picnic at Lake Icaria. We all ate til we were stuffed and headed out to the lake. Ciara and Michael took Miaya and they had a great time! Check out the pictures!

The latest in swimsuit style....floaty optional.
Our little Ciara

We also got to see Alex and his injury as he hopped to his sister's birthday. He unfortunately broke his ankle in a preseason football scrimage.He plays for Simpson College.  He was a starting player, too! Found out a lot of things through the experience: one being don't get injured in Lamoni hospital....if you have a choice don't go to Leon hospital...ask if they have an ambulance in the county...would be nice to have a little something for the pain, before they set it (they did it on the field) oh it was all very frustrating! But it was hard on Alex's spirit more than  anything....he loves to play football.  Looks as though no season this year....I'm hoping he will go out for baseball! I'm very lucky to have 4 wonderful nephews that are terrific young men!

Checking the temperature.

First Day of School

I really don't remember my first day of school, in fact I really don't have too many memories of grade school. I do remember when my mother would bring my treats, which always consisted of Cracker Jacks and cupcakes. She would go around to each child and write their names on the cupcakes! She also brought our baby kittens in one time with bows around their necks. Sweet memories...obviously I had some memories, and I hope that I can do the same with Miaya.
Miaya started the day with a nasty cold, but she kept on going. In fact she had a huge sneeze after the picture of her in front of the front door... and you know what came out everywhere. I'm so glad my husband carries paper towels around everywhere! The first picture is of her in the bedroom getting ready. I promise she is really Chinese, I don't pull her hair so tight it makes her eyes that way! She was a little tender headed this morning....but  she got through it. I really love my expression....looks like I just had big bite of lemon....but I was actually singing to her....nice shot Michael! Notice she had to ride to the beauty parlor on her tricycle.

Miaya and her backpack ready to go!
She has her own Kai Lan backpack which she is very protective of. She use to have a panda backpack, but she says that's for babies now. She is growing up...too fast for mama.

I just love this picture....can you feel the excitement!

She was a bit shy and cried a little when Daddy left, but she felt better after she had breakfast

The report from her teacher, was that she did real well. She's a smart cookie, she knows her alphabet...can identify little and big letters both, counts real well....especially when I give her m & ms. Enjoy the pictures!

Her Very Own Playground

Miaya has a "playground" as she puts it!  We got a swing-set on clearance, and now our girl actually has a place to play.  She could hardly wait for the slide to be attached for use, and the glider was a big hit, especially after she figured out how to make it "go faster" by herself.

Cruising Around

Miaya went for cruise around the yard, she's getting better about going for a ride just for the fun of it. 

She's even has her very own John Deere cap, cinched down to fit her. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Space Explorers - More Pics From Wonderscope

Here are a few more pictures from our visit with the Hisle's.  Here the girls are enjoying the attractions at Wonderscope.

The Farmer's Market Room

Friday, August 13, 2010

Six Daughters of China

Six "Daughters of China" at the Hisle's. 

Bouncy House Fun

Tuesday evening during our visit, Gary set up the Bouncy Castle and the girls had a ball.

Although there was a little problem with the backwoods paparazzi!

Not Quite Ready For Thanskgiving

We saw this in our "backyard" on July 22 at 3:30 pm.  Just happened to look out the west window and saw the yard full of wild turkeys.  There were at least 25 to 30 youngsters, and numerous adults.  We have seen turkeys in the timber here many times, but never in these numbers.
View from the house

Michael saw the flock, grabbed the camera and telephoto lens, slipped out the front door, snuck around the shed and got these pictures.

On out in the woods.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Railroad Arts And Crafts

Michael had Miaya at home today, and after the 20th request to draw a choo-choo, he decided to try a different approach, and they made this in a couple of hours.

"Daddy, I love my Choo-Choo!"

Miaya has the "choo-choo" sound down solid!  

She's already made several circuits of the house, maybe we should get her some knee pads! 
One of  her favorite things is the tracks it leaves in the thick carpet.  She was good helper, holding tools and materials for daddy, and waiting patiently at a distance when power tools were required. 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

My Best Friend

Zia and Miaya running on the beach at Clinton Lake!

When Miaya and I got home after picking her up from daycare, I was hot and sweaty from working on a bad section of fence.  After getting us both cold drinks and lemon cookies, I looked at Zia/Sophie's blog so Miaya could see some of their pictures of our visit.  She took one look at this picture and said "That's Zia, my best friend buddy!"

She was disappointed (!!!) when we parted with the Hisle's in Shawnee, Kansas, and for several days any time we got in the car, it was "Go see Zia?".  Yesterday, Miaya and I went to Villisca to do some business at the bank, and after getting a couple donuts and a pork fritter sandwich the size of a manhole cover at Casey's, we took the "scenic route" home on the gravel roads and shared our sandwich as we cruised along.  After a couple of twists and hills in the road, Miaya asked "Go Zia's house?"  "Well, yes the road does look rather like the road to Zia's, but not today".