Friday, July 15, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy

Miaya waiting for her bottle calf
No we aren't in Alabama we are on a stretch of highway 34 driving our Miss Daisy to our house. No it's not Jessica Tandy. It's our little heifer that Miaya named Daisy.. Doesn't look like a daisy all white and yellow...she's as close to a chocolate mocha as you can get! Michael decided after attempting to get the calf to nurse that now indeed Miaya has a bottle calf.....let's change that a little bit....Kim has a bottle calf! We took our little Ford tractor (came with the place) down to the pasture to pick up Miss Daisy for her first outing. We used the crate that Dave Reisinger had made to carry the Christmas trees up to the garage when the customers picked them out. Yes we live on an old Christmas tree farm....thought we struck gold when we found this place...we just love it!  But one draw more Christmas we still buy our Christmas trees, but we do have some beautiful walnut trees that Dave actually planted and raised from seed...well really from walnut.
Miss Daisy being lead out

Your car is ready Miss Daisy...hop in....yeah right..

Rounding the corner off of Hwy 34 to our place
So anyway getting back to our Miss Daisy...she is having a gay old time in amongst the walnut trees...she has high standards and demands two bottles a not of Dom Perignon but Red Star milk replacer. She insists on being pampered and has a valet of Petie the dog. He always follows us down to her exclusive jungle room and watches as she is hand fed the best that we can give her. Thank goodness she hasn't requested a food taster yet!

Heading up the hill to her new home


It could easily be the curve of the nose, the silkiness of the long hair, the deep pool of color in their eyes, but to me beauty is described by what is can't get that in a bottle or doing 200 sit-ups. I have seen this beauty in many women as well as men.... Ciara this past week was given the honor of being Adams County Fair Queen is so nice when other people see her all of her beauty. Miaya is so lucky to be able to look up to all of her girl cousins to really see what beauty is.

Karl (Dad) walking Ciara in

Julie (Mom) so proud!

Not bad sis! (Brother) Alex

Part of Miss Ciara's cheer squad (Aunt Katie)

Ciara being Ciara

Proud parents

I don't like to take photos of myself, but I forget it when I'm so very proud.
Being crowned 2011 Adams County Fair Queen

Friday, July 08, 2011

Swimming Fun...

Miaya was trying her best to gain back a loss of not having swimming lessons last year..(mama had classes during that time, so there wasn't anyone to take her) Any hoos we decided to put her in private classes. We are so glad we did! Miss Bonnie her instructor (Aunt Katie's friend) had the patience of Jobe. She talked to her so sweetly about how she needed to be safe and get that sweet face in the water. Katie, held my hand during the lesson's as I am very very scared of the water. She really worked hard on Miss Bobbie to get her to play instead....which she thought she had done, but Miss Bonnie could take what she thought was play and changed it into lessons. She was so sweet with her, it really helped me to let go alittle. She kept telling me to work with Miaya and let her know it's okay to go into the water....I've got to work on that! Anyway here's a few pics for your amusement.