Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 seems like yesterday

Miaya's tribute to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"
Yes, it does seem like yesterday...we actually had weather today in southwest Iowa that was very reminiscent of our day in Nanning, China. Our annual photo shoot took place just a few minutes ago...she has grown so much, but still fits in her outfit that she came from the orphanage in. We then looked at "her" video as she calls it. It was the video we played before she was dedicated at our church...the music is rather haunting to me. Miaya loves the song and can tell it in about two notes..she knows it's her song. Strange how she is moved by it so much...hopefully someday the words will be able to help her to understand, but for now we just in awe of the moment and hopefully in the future we still be in awe of what we did 3 years ago today.  Love you Miaya....always.

PS We haven't cut her hair since she became our daughter. About 2 more inches and we will cut her hair and donate it to "Locks of Love"  BTW if you want to see her video, here is the link:

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yes my sweet brother Karl is over the hill! Having 3 sisters I know Karl has put up with alot...he was graciously inducted into the Half Century Club by his sister (NOT ME..It's Katie) and 2 brother in laws. We decided to give him a half father's day half birthday party at my parents in between him putting hay up. We are so proud of what Karl has accomplished in his 50 years! Way to go Karl!

We had to make sure everyone wished him Happy Birthday and put the this in the local paper. Good thing I had all of these already scanned from my parents 50th Anniversary video....and thank goodness no one has access to my pictures...since my 50th is next year!

How Do You Spell...

Miaya is wanting so much to be a big girl. She loves to spell words. Recently, I had her sign her name to her Daddy's Father's Day card. She informed me that she needed to write Daddy's name on the front and she didn't need my help...Sure enough out comes D-A-D-D-Y.
We've also found that she can find most everyone's house....Aunt Katie's, Grandma's, her daycare, and then yesterday we were headed back into Corning and she spotted the top of the "Blue Grass Industrial Park" water tower and said that's where Daddy works! (He Does!) I think we might of been there 2 times in her entire life and that girl knew exactly where Daddy works! Granted we think this is all in good, except when we try to surprise her with a special trip somewhere....because she already knows which way we are going and starts to ask questions...she's our own little GPS!