Friday, December 19, 2008

What's outside our window right now

Three to four inches of snow on Tuesday, and a small ice storm last night gave us this winter wonderland

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Finding Miaya Video

This is the video Kimberly created to be shown at Miaya's dedication.

Five Months

November 30 marked five months since a quiet, reserved, and exhausted little girl was placed in our arms. We got a few giggles and laughs that first day, and more were soon to follow. She went to sleep easily, and slept through the night. We were constantly in awe of the wonderful child we had been given.

A few minutes ago, I was watching her sleep, she is recovering from a cold and we check on her often. Every day we marvel at the new things she learns, and the problems she solves on her own. I dislike using the word miracle, but my feelings at the moment make that term most appropriate. I still remember "Hell Week", that first week after returning to Iowa was certainly that. All three of us were jet lagged, our systems were off by 13 hours, and for a 14 month old the transition was especially tough. But, we survived, and learned that parenting is a learning experience with no right or wrong answers, just what works or not. The years we waited and hoped and prayed have been realized in that sleeping child who depends on us for everything. I thought I knew what it would be like, having a child to raise - but I really had no clue. The sheer simple joy when she greets me when I come home from work, the smile that makes the world go away for a while, how wonderful it is!

She has blossomed and now at eighteen months is walking with ease, learning new words, and wanting to be independent. This little girl has touched so many lives in a few short months, most of our community was aware of our pending adoption, and has welcomed Miaya warmly.

We may have found Miaya at last, but the adventure continues!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Miaya's Dedication

Miaya had her dedication last Sunday, including a celebration of her arrival into our family. Her new church family welcomed her with open arms, joining us in the celebration. She was not real thrilled about the water dribbling part, but otherwise behaved quite well. Her godparents are Kim's brother Karl, his wife Julie, and Kim's friend Belinda. She has a great set of godparents who will give her support and good advice when she needs it. Following the service, there was a brunch for all attending invited to partake.

"Why is this man trying to pour water on me?"
Rev. Wainwright performs the ritual.

Michael, Kim and Miaya, Belinda, Julie, and Karl

Aunt Karen shares breakfast - donuts are yummy!

Mommy and Miaya

Gary, Sophie and Zia Joy traveled up from Kansas to take part in the celebration.

Zia Joy, Sophie, Kim, and Kim's mother Veda display the quilt Kim and Veda made for Sophie during the long wait for adoption referral.

Gary and Zia Joy

Miaya with the quilt Aunt Katie made.