Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Official We Have 4

4 Years Old that is! Yes she finally had her birthday celebration this past Sunday. Surrounded by the ones who love her is always very very precious to me. She was sporting her new birthday dress that Aunt Katie helped pick out ...she helped me to get out of the pink and apple green rut with a beautiful halter dress with orange peonies scatter amongst the big skirt that she loved to twirl in. Never had her in orange before..should of sooner, looked great with her already tan. I swear this girl can tan under 20 blankets...lucky girl. She had a great time opening gifts and having daisy cupcakes and strawberries. After the last guest had left we saw her "eyeing" another cupcake and informed her that 2 was enough for the day. Turning around she had a bit of a sad face which we thought was because of our rationing of the sugar for the day....but alas our sweety said, "But grandpa didn't get his cupcake"....My dad who has been recuperating in the hospital after a valve replacement was still in Omaha. We knew that dad would be back to the hospital near us to finish his recuperation, so we told her that she could bring him one tomorrow. I love that my daughter knows what makes her family complete. She did take the cupcake to grandpa the next day which in her amazement grandpa downed it in two bites.....she just said WOW...grandpa needs another cupcake!

After that all was good and she went to jam with her new Dora guitar. BTW McCarty Family (Karl's) THANKS SO MUCH  FOR THE GUITAR.....WITH NO VOLUME CONTROL.....AAAA.RRRR.GGGG..HHHH

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Spot of Tea?

Well it was actually strawberry breeze juice, but we did have some beautiful sun on Miaya's birthday to have our annual birthday tea party. We cleaned up the Cinderella plastic tea set and set out to find a dry spot to lay our blanket out. No dry spot to be found, so we roughed it.
We were so tickled that Miaya remembered it from last know you always hope that your children will remember what you consider special. So I suppose we will whip out those fairy wings every year and enjoy a spot of tea on her birthday. Hopefully we will have a lot of years with those wings....because they do carry us to a simple time when you can enjoy watching your daddy with his little pinky sticking out just to hear his daughter giggle. Fairy wings and tea's a good thing!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sprinkles in Life

Everyone knows that cupcakes are always better with sprinkles. In our life we are also lucky to get those "sprinkles" in our life, too. My sprinkles are my family. This Saturday Katie (my sister) helped out one frantic mom by helping take care of Miaya while my husband were hustling to scan pictures and put them together for Ciara's graduation videos. Mia adores her aunts so much...they are those special "sprinkles" in my daughter's life.  Thanks Katie!

Rocket Scientist?

Rusty, Katie (Mom) and Grandma
Rusty and Grandma 

I have a nephew who is a rocket scientist. Hhhmmm never thought I would say that! Rusty just graduated from Iowa State (Go Cyclones!) as a Aerospace Engineer with a minor in math and astronomy. I guess my sister never thought this would be what would come from all those late nights helping Rusty with his various projects in elementary school. I guess a little glue and duct tape makes anyones dream come true if they have the parents behind them to reach the stars...literally!  Great job Rusty!!


Big Day today....let me see, we have a new 4 year old in our house! She has grown 6 inches from last year! We try to measurer her every year.
We're right now making her favorite meal....pancakes!!! Wish my dad could be here to enjoy them with her...they are pancake buddies. Dad is hopefully going to be able to come home this week from his lengthy and horribly boring stay in the hospital (heart surgery)
Besides our little ones birthday my nieces graduation is today also. Miss Ciara has been mentioned many times in this blog along with my other nieces and nephews. But little Miss C has been the smile I've seen most in my life, as I was her second grade teacher and her daycare for a few summers.... So she helped me out a lot of times when I was missing something in my life.  Miaya thanks you Ciara for helping her mommy to wait for her, the daughter that made her complete.