Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eight Days This Time?

We are hearing rumors that the cutoff date may be January 4, 2006.

This would be 8 more days crossed off the calendar!

Eight days closer to Miaya.

Eight days closer to being a family!

That would leave eight days until our January 12, 2006 Log In Date comes to the top of the pile.

Eight days till we see Miaya's face in the referral picture.

EIGHT DAYS till we start the countdown to the day we hold Miaya in our arms.

Isn't eight a wonderful number?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Attitude Readjustments

What a difference a day makes! Well, not really a day, more like two years or so. It still amazes and astounds us that we are within reach of referral. Yes, the chance is pretty slim of something happening in March, but if good progress is made this time, then April is possible, and May is more likely. It just kind of sneaks up on us occasionally "hey, it's really going to happen", and quicker than we will expect.

We are both getting a bit scared, this has been so far off in the future for so long, that it was safe and easy to think about. At least now, we are working on the reality of Miaya instead of just the concept of Miaya. We are still getting our heads around it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Update On Cutoff Date

It's official, several days ago, we learned that the cutoff date was December 27, 2005. So that does make us the 16th day ahead. Some of those 16 days are weekends, and no dossiers are logged in over weekends.

Hopefully there will be no problem clearing the rest of December and getting into January with the next batch. Obviously there is no real way to tell what will happen, but April is still looking like a possibility, and if not, then May looks real possible. So far, families have been traveling right at 6 weeks after getting the referral.

We do wonder how the winter storms might affect referrals in the coming months. Orphanage personnel have had their hands full just keeping the children warm and fed, and transportation problems could delay paperwork reaching the central office. Oh well, only time will tell.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

China's Orphans In Danger From Winter Storms!

China has been paralyzed by the worst winter storms in over 50 years, and as is usual, the poor and disadvantaged are hit hardest of all. For nearly a month, some parts of China have seen heavy snowfalls and ice on a near constant basis. Deep snow and much below normal temperatures are wreaking havoc throughout wide areas. Throughout a large portion of China roads are impassable, trains are stalled in snowbanks or stranded due to massive power outages. Power generation is a problem due to coal shortages caused by rail shutdowns. Power lines are down in many places, and it may be months before power is restored everywhere. Millions of people who normally travel home for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations have found themselves stranded as travel by train, bus, and air is sporadic at best.

Many orphanages are in desperate straits, electric outages, shortages of fuel for heat, broken equipment with no way to repair it, shortages of food, skyrocketing prices as local supplies dwindle, and the lack of safe drinking water are putting children in danger. While conditions at all affected orphanages are not known, news is getting out from a few.

Half The Sky is a charitable organization that helps support orphanages with supplies, equipment, and educational support. They also supply medical assistance to children needing life saving surgical intervention. Half The Sky took their name from a speech by Mao Zedong decrying the lowly status of women in Chinese culture, saying that "Women hold up half the sky".

Please follow this link to see updates on the conditions at the orphanages supported by Half The Sky.

We would like to call your attention to Half The Sky's Little Mouse Emergency Fund . Half The Sky does not normally function as a relief agency, but they are bending their own rules in this situation. They are hoping raise funds to bring in or purchase emergency supplies of food, diapers, blankets and warm clothing, and heaters and other equipment to help the children in danger. We have made a donation to the emergency fund, as the little girl who will become our Miaya could well be one of the cold and hungry children in danger of frostbite and/or sickness as the crisis conditions continue. If your heart leads you to follow us in making a donation (and we don't need to know who you are), the children, their caregivers, and all parents of children from China as well as those of us still waiting to be united with our angels will be grateful.

Thank you,
Michael and Kimberly

Friday, February 01, 2008

16 Days!

Referrals have begun to arrive, and so far the cutoff date is at least December 27, 2005. This covers 8 LID days, and is more progress than most people were expecting to see. People have posted that they got THE CALL who have the LID of 12/27/05.

This would leave us 16 LID days from referral! Whoa, it's beginning to get real around here! This gives us a good chance of referral in April, and a better chance in May.

(LID=Log In Date, the date an application dossier was logged in (registered) at the Adoption Affairs office in Beijing, China.)