Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visiting Miss Zia Joy

We took a little trip to Kansas for the dedication of Sophie and Gary's daughter, Zia Joy. It was a nice drive and a fun getaway. I doubt they have a lot of trouble with traveling salesmen, unless they are very lost! Their house is a trick to find the first time, but in a nice and very secluded location.

Gary and Sophie's place.

Gary built this neat little cabin 100 yards or so from the house as a getaway and picnic spot.

Kim and Miaya on Miaya's first hayride.
This is fun!

Riding into the Kansas sunset with Gary on the tractor (it was Sophie's dad's), and Sophie with Zia Joy
Three "China Moms", Tammy, Kim, and Sophie with Miaya and Zia Joy

Miaya and Zia

The trip down was good, but we learned a hard lesson about accidentally getting in the drive through lane at Burger King in Maryville, Missouri on game day! The rest of the trip was uneventful, we found our hotel with no problem, and then found our way into the boonies to Sophie and Gary's.

After the hayride, we returned to the cabin for a cookout.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanks Grandpa!

Miaya got a new toy this weekend. Michael's mother, sister and niece came to visit and surprised her with a new International Harvester pedal tractor. When the carton was opened to assemble it, Miaya immediately grabbed the steering wheel and took off.
After a few minutes, she came back and "helped" Michael sort the parts as he prepared to assemble it. Cousin Kassondra helped distract her and they played in the living room.

When the tractor was ready, and the cameras and camcorder were ready as well, Miaya was called in. As she rounded the couch and saw the tractor, she ran straight to it and climbed on. Though her legs are a bit short to reach the pedals, she quickly learned to straddle it and push along backwards.

On Monday after Miaya and mommy returned from school and daycare, she ran straight to her tractor and patted it before doing anything else. When her legs get long enough, that tractor will surely get a workout.

Michael's father always gave the first grandchild in each family a pedal tractor. Though he was not around to see Miaya come home to her forever family, he made arrangements for Miaya have one. So thank you very much Grandpa, and thank you Grandma and Aunt Laurie for delivering it.