Saturday, February 24, 2007

Changes in Longitude

One of our China Adoption "friends" has been fortunate enough to visit China with his wife and daughters for six months. Tim, Wynter, and daughters Marit and Mattie will be living in China while Wynter takes on a temporary teaching assignment at a Weifang University in Shangdong Province.

They have been quite fortunate to maintain a relationship with Marit's foster family, and are visiting them on the way. To have any type of "family" tie to the homeland is rare given the circumstances of most orphans.

Tim and family will be writing about their experiences on their Blog at , so far they have already had a fantastic journey and well, follow the link to read about their adventures and see the sights. Perhaps we will be blessed with an opportunity to take Miaya to visit her homeland someday.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brian and Cris

We met Cris and Brian from near Memphis in Des Moines for lunch a week ago, and they are a nice couple. Brian's homey southern accent and Cris' sweet charm made for a wonderful time. We had a nice lunch and a long chat at the "Machine Shed" in Des Moines (Where else but Iowa would you eat at the "Machine Shed?). They are using the same agency we are and are logged in a week before us, so it's possible we may travel together when we go to China. Given the near zero temperatures that weekend, Cris hinted that we should have to experience Memphis heat to even things out! As this adoption process drags along, it is easy to feel very alone when there is no one else around who really understands. So, it is good to get together occasionally to commiserate and share feelings with others in the same situation.

Actually we have two potential travel partners, Sophie and Gary are registered 11 days after us, so we have "bookends", and it's likely we'll be traveling with one couple, if not both. Only time will tell which way it goes.