Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter's last hurrah?

Well the groundhog was teasing us with an early spring...Cruel I know... But we have had the luxury of enjoying a few warm days. We haven't let Miaya out too much as her skin tends to dry out very easily in the cold wind. But the main reason might be that Mommy and Daddy get too cold! So this weekend Miaya and Michael enjoyed a few hours outside. Items on their list: 1. Make snowman ...check....done  2. play on Miaya's Playground (this is what she calls her swingset)...check....done 3. Play with Petie....check...done 4. Make snow angel "How To" video....check..done

Stars come out tonight?

We were lucky enough to spring a couple of tickets to Antiques Road Show in Des Moines last summer. Was a lot of fun...but feet still hurt thinking of the 3 hours waiting in line. Well tonight we see if by any chance we are "background". No we didn't get appraised on the air, but there were a few times we were behind the filming. So take a look...see if you can see Michael and I as our greatest role ever...."background"! The next three Mondays the Roadshow will be featuring Des if not tonight ....maybe next week.  PS I actually shook hands and talked with the host while my husband stands there with a camera in hand NOT taking a picture....guess he was star struck! :)