Sunday, May 03, 2009

19 lbs. of Clothes

So tell me...what does 19 pounds of clothes from Georgia look like? If you look at the floor of Miaya's room you will be able to see it technicolor! Miaya wanted to try on some of the outfits, so we went for the layered look. She even added her own touch with the hat. This is one hat wearing girl! She always has to have a hat on when she leaves. We received the 17 lbs box of clothes from from Michael's cousin Kathy in Peach Tree City, Georgia last fall. Her two little girls, Joan and Cora had outgrown some of their clothes, so they shipped them off to cousin Miaya. We all appreciated the clothes, since I had no idea how fast these kids grow! I can put an outfit on her one week and try it on the next week and there is now way it fits her.
Miaya was "helping" me sort through the clothes. We put away all of the 18 month clothes as well as the winter long sleeves in hopes that some of the larger ones will fit her next fall. HA HA mama I'm going to outgrow them, too! I can remember when they came last fall and thinking to myself that it will take forever for her to fit into these clothes. Not so little Miss Miaya is now in 24 month and 2 T's! The way my back feels I know she is growing by the seconds! Anyway thanks so much Kathy for thinking of us...Miaya is loving her new wardrobe!

365 Days Ago

Well it has been 365 days since we first saw the picture that was our first step in finding our Miaya. We had a picture to start to fill in that missing part in our hearts. It was so strange seeing us on the video of the "phone call" talking to our representative from Great Wall China Adoption. Not strangely enough Great Wall China Adoption is now a subsidiary of Children of All Nations adoption agency. I think the long wait (ours was 3 years) for children of China made it difficult for people to stay with China. Then again China has been wanting to change their image in the adoption arena. They did not want to be known as the place where most adoptions occur. All I know is that the people there were very gracious and kind and we will be eternally grateful for the gift they have given us.

Lights Camera....Closed Road?

Well we are in the movies ... "The Crazies" (kind of ironic name...huh) is being filmed about 2 miles from our house! They have had hwy 34 closed for about a week off and on. The pictures are from wide angle lens as we can't get that close. They were filming an accident scene. I guess the "crazies" were chasing each other! The Crazies is a remake of a horror film that takes place in Kansas (guess Iowa was cheaper) where a virus or some kind of germ is released and everyone gets "crazy". They were filming mostly in Lenox, which is one of the schools I work at. They filmed at their baseball field and in the school. The school had to take off all of their billboards from the baseball field before they could film. They had three rooms in the school tied up for about two weeks...But in the long run, hopefully the school and communities made some money. They will also get to see themselves on the movie as alot of locals were extras on the movie. I just hope they reopen Hwy 34 soon or they may have another "Crazy" on their hands!