Tuesday, July 24, 2007

18 Months And Counting

We are now at 18 months and 1 week since our log in date, and no real idea of when we will get our referral. July 12 came and went with no tantrums and without too much despair. There are lot's of rumors flying around about what the next referral batch will include. It's something that happens in the last half of each month, when waiting parents are beginning to anticipate the next batch of referrals.

The last cutoff date was November 14, 2005, and given recent progress, it seems unlikely that the CCAA will finish the November LID in this next batch. So, it looks like we will not be getting a notice any time soon. Right now we are hoping for our referral in November, which could possibly get us home right at Christmas. Who knows, it COULD happen. Or, maybe we'll be singing Christmas carols in China.

But, it could also be January, or February, or March. It WILL happen, that much we know, it's just a matter of when.

Monday, July 09, 2007

It's hard to believe -- Unwanted Anniversaries

Two years ago we decided to pursue adoption to build our family. After much research and soul searching, we decided to seek our daughter in China. At the time we felt assured that by the second anniversary of that decision, we would have her home and be amazed as she discovered the world around her. But, things have changed, the process slowed down, and we are still waiting to be matched with the girl who will be Miaya.

We will likely see several more anniversaries of various kinds come and go before we are finally united with her. The end of August will see the second anniversary of being accepted by our agency, then on January 12, 2008, it will be two years since our paperwork was officially registered in Beijing (also called Log In Date or LID). Before that, July 12 will mark 18 months since our LID, and we still have several months to wait before we are matched with our daughter.

There is still a small chance that we will have her in our arms before Christmas, or even be in China at Christmas time. It's more likely that we will be traveling sometime in early 2008. It is hard to be positive about it, but we're trying to look on the good side of everything. Constantly having to tell people "No, nothing to report, we're still waiting" gets more difficult all the time.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Man are we proud!

Kim's nephew, Alex McCarty had a great night of high school baseball last week. His 14 RBI's (Runs Batted In) broke the previous Iowa state record of 12 in one game, and his two grand slam home runs tied the record for grand slams in a single game. In all he had three homers in the game against East Union High School of Afton, Iowa, and was credited as the wining pitcher. Corning High who has had a mixed season this year defeated East Union 37-1.

Time gets away

I sometimes forget how long it's been since I have posted here. Not much new to report, it will probably be November or December before we get out notice that we have been matched with the girl who will be Miaya. We would likely travel within 8 weeks getting the referral notice. It will likely be a less than merry christmas again this year. Or, there is always the possibility we will be in China at Christmas -- What a Christmas Present that would be!